A Proven, Practical Six-Step Business Transformation System That Will Help You Scale Your Thinking & Your Business To The Next Level

Work On Your Business Not In Your Business

You are a successful business owner who has worked tirelessly to get to steady growing revenue, happy customers and ironed-out logistics. But you don’t want to stop there – your vision is bigger and better… but where do you start? 


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the pressure and anxiety of having to scale your operations to expand your product or service offerings, enter new markets or capture new audiences, then you need a specialized business growth & mindset coach. The purpose of coaching is to unlock your potential as the business owner, to maximize your own performance. I’m here to help you transform your business so you can confidently enter that  new growth level you’ve been striving for and that takes your business to those amazing results you always knew it was capable of.

Hi! I’m Lee Hodgins.

I’m a Canadian business coach with 35+ years experience. I’ve travelled, lived and worked all over the world, including spending 5 years working overseas in the Middle East.

I’m an organizational design and business process excellence expert, having helped businesses grow from 0 to over 500+ employees. You could say I have a slight obsession with business transformation! I love helping business owners unlock their personal and business potential, get in the mindset for success and achieve breakthroughs that change their business journeys forever!

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CEO Mindset

I know that your business starts with you. As the genius behind the business, we spend dedicated time helping you shift your thinking from a small business into a growth-oriented mindset. Laser-focused on what matters.

Customized Strategies

No two businesses are the same - we dive into your specific pain points and design a customized plan that hits all the key topics and addresses real challenges you’re thinking about every day.

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Experience and Support

With decades of experience in organizational excellence, I will offer stories, advice and strategies that have worked for real business owners in the modern world. As your coach, I am focused specifically on your needs.

Get a Head Start on Scaling Your Business

The Roadmap to Business Transformation is a proven 6-step formula to scaling your business for long-term success.


The secret sauce is in working with your coach to tap into your specific motivation, pain points and priorities. Download your free handy and useful guide below!

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My Promise To You:

You won’t find ‘corporate speak’, bureaucratic rigidity, or operational complexity at Guerrilla Coaching. Instead you will find time-tested, in-the-trenches, real-life, successful CEO Mindset skills & business-growth solutions specifically for busy business owners like you. These proven skills and tactics will take away the guesswork and gobbledygook of scaling a business and set you up for success with a clear path forward informed by your priorities.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on several occasions. As a business owner, I am always looking for ways to make improvements to my growing business. Whether you are a start-up or managing change or growing into new markets, Lee brings the critical path and he does it all while nurturing the existing business model and values.”
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Nancy Yowney
“I first met Lee when he was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at one of the most popular consumer companies in Canada. The company was growing from 250 to 500 employees in a couple years.

Lee was responsible for the entire hiring program. He was phenomenal at his job and excellent with all his employee relationships. When it comes to hiring employees, if you are looking for someone who has been there, done that, you have found the best.”
david kingcade
David Kincade