3 Steps to Awesome Hiring Interviews- Consistency Is Key!

Consistency is KEY! I want to share with you a simple but killer 3 Step hiring interview strategy that you are totally free to steal. It will do nothing but great things for you. Check out my video and blog below for all the dirt on this week’s topic!


The basic concept: Turn the biggest mistake in interviewing into better results (and even better new hires!)

Here is what I’ve done: The biggest issue stopping me from getting great hiring results from my interviews? 

“Lack of consistency in my interviewing process!”

When Guerrilla Interviewing first came out this year, I envisioned it for folks who ALREADY had hiring experience of some kind. Even if it was small. 

But, conditions have changed. We have lots of folks who have come into the tribe with awesome experience, so they know how important it is to be consistent with their interview practices. HOWEVER, lots of folks have come with interviewing experience of 0 (those little rebels), yet they are faced with having to conduct interviews (sometimes without any formal guidance…or ANY guidance at all!) And that’s totally fine because EVERYONE starts with 0 experience…but not so fine if you need to do interviewing as part of your business or job. This is why practicing CONSISTENCY in your hiring interview process will give you Waaaay better results than just ‘winging it’. So, I crunched my brain for a few months (many many months in my secret lab petting a kitty…don’t judge!) and came up with the “BIG 3” list of things you need to do in order to achieve hiring interview consistency; thus, wiping out this mistake for people as opposed to ignoring it. What I’ve come up with in the ‘BIG 3’ are the key steps you need to take as an employer or hiring manager.

How you can implement this strategy to get the best hiring results:

Step #1: Maintain a consistent environment for all the interviews

Some folks are going to say, well I don’t have a fancy office or boardroom where I can meet all the candidates. My answer to this is, you don’t need a fancy office. You just need a comfortable place where both you as the interviewer(s) and the candidate can feel relaxed but still alert and engaged with each other. This simply means: No annoying noises, lights (or lack of), random people, interruptions or other unnecessary distractions (code for NO public places like coffee shops and bars!). It means comfortable seating and access to necessary facilities such as restrooms and refreshments such as water and coffee. Sounds simple right? Well let me tell you…I’ve seen my share of bizarre interview spaces (both as an interviewer and as a candidate) that lacked in most, if not all of these criteria! Have you ever been interviewed on an active subway car!? That’s another story…

Step #2: Maintain consistent interviewer(s) throughout all your interviews!

The reasoning here is simple: Consistent interviewers conducting ALL your interviews ensures you have a final hiring decision that is based on the integrity of the data gathered across all candidates and throughout all the interviews. Without feedback from the same people for all the interviews, how can you expect to make an accurate hiring decision? Data from different sources may be a nice cross reference experiment, but it will inevitably fail unless those different sources were involved as interviewers in establishing a baseline for EACH AND EVERY interview.

Step #3: Maintain consistent interview questions for all your interviews.

Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) will make you happier than your big hiring results, am I right!? That is, assuming you want the absolute best, most qualified candidate for the role!? You can’t get great results if you don’t use a pre-defined list of well-researched, job specific questions for all of your interviews. Contrary to ‘popular’ opinion, pre-defined questions DO NOT put candidates into a box (the ol’ square peg in a round hole argument). What they do instead, is ensure you have the right fit for the role (think of it as finding a square peg for a square hole). I’ve said this before but it’s worth saying again: The objective of any hiring interview is to find the right person for the role. NOT to find the right person for you! Yes, it’s also important to get a good culture/personality fit. Culture/Personality questions can and should be built into the pre-defined questions! However, at the end of the day, we all want to hire the right person for the job.

The bottom line is, consistency is key because it allows you to apply a more rigorous method to your hiring madness, which in turn, delivers more accurate and consistent hiring results. If you have comments or questions on today’s topic or if you simply want to talk about hiring interviews in general, feel free to leave a comment for this article.

Alrighty, that’s it from me. Good luck in your hiring interviews. Now get back at it my friends!



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