CEO Mindset Step Two

Now that you’ve learned the trick to understanding and mastering the first step to a CEO mindset – namely, delegating – it’s time to think about step two. This step ensures you are successful in steps one and three, and sets you up for long-term success. The last think I want for you is to burn out at the beginning of your scaling journey – which happens more often than you think. Business owners ignite with passion and drive for scaling their business, but crash and burn when they are not careful about their most precious commodity – time.

In the video below I break down how to block your time like a CEO.

Do a quick survey, and be honest!

  1. What are you good at doing?
  2. What do you have time for doing?
  3. What do you like to be doing?

I go into the survey in more detail in my FREE eBook – check it out, the Business Owner Self-Assessment Tool.

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Check out the previous videos or go on to learn about the third step to achieving the CEO mindset.

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