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During your free strategy session I will:

    • Review Your Business Goals & Strategy, so that we are on the same page

    • Discuss your top 3 big business issues as you see them today, so that you can clearly find out EXACTLY what’s holding you back from getting to the next level

    • Outline a practical plan of action, so that you can begin tackling these issues immediately

    • At the end of the call, and based on our discussion, I will give you my analysis of what I think you need moving forward. And if we both agree, whether I can help you further! If, for some reason, we are not a good fit for working together, no problem, we part together as friends and you can keep the plan of action to implement by yourself or with someone else.

You can effectively plan & execute for your business’ growth by using a simple, proven business growth system that I’ve built, specifically for busy business owners like you.

Hi! My name is Lee Hodgins and I’m an expert in organizational excellence with 30+ years experience working with high growth & business start-ups. I’ve engineered the growth of dozens of businesses just like yours, helping all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself.


Throughout my career, I’ve helped companies & organizations of all shapes, sizes, industries from around the globe. When it comes to company startups and small business growth, I’ve seen it all!


I’ve been in the trenches for decades (no joke) with frustrated owners like you who struggle to find the right balance between operating their business as a single owner and allowing it to grow beyond their ability to manage it as a solo entrepreneur.

You don’t have to keep pulling your hair out trying to do this alone.
Let me help you get to the next level of business growth and personal freedom!

Technically, this is what I can help you with:


Organizational strategic planning

Organization structure planning

Workflow design/planning

Work specialization/division

Operations planning/design

Business process design/mapping

Policy & procedures development

Job design / evaluation

Job descriptions

Position knowledge, skills, abilities (KSA’s)

Training & development

Position profiles

Position metrics / measurements

Management development, training, design

Chain of command planning/strategy/design

Leadership development, training

Organization culture, climate & communication 


You may or may not be familiar with some of these terms. But don’t worry!


At the end of the day, what matters is picking the right pieces of the puzzle, in a way that makes sense to you and is actionable, so that you can unlock the next level of growth, control, and personal freedom on your business.

I can help you plan and/or execute in any of these areas, and even some others. It all starts with you and me having a candid discussion about exactly what you need and how I can help.

“Lee has an incredible ability to get to the root of business issues holding back growth and scale, and explaining them in a simple and actionable way.

The insights I got from consulting with Lee are going to pave the road for an expansion in my digital Marketing agency, and I feel extremely confident that what he advised me to do is going to pay off in a big way. I expect a huge payoff, not just in revenue, but also in terms of freeing myself from the day-to-day operations, so I can focus more on strategic tasks and be able to have a more balanced life.

If you need an experienced business process/HR coach/consultant that will deliver results, with the perfect mix of strategic and tactical insightyou’ve found the right person.”