Employers! First Time Hiring? The Number 1 Thing You Need To Do

It’s been said, when it comes to the people in our lives, that we are who we attract. Well, there’s also a related thing called ‘Confirmation Bias’, which goes something like, ‘We are attracted to those who are a lot like us’. This is never more clear than when it comes to hiring employees for our businesses. Especially if it’s our first time hiring an employee or when we’re struggling to re-hire after having mis-hired once or twice already.

If any of this rings a bell for you, watch the short video below and leave a comment on your experience hiring your first employees or trying to re-hire after it didn’t work out the first once or three times! – Lee

First Time Hiring? The Number 1 Thing You Need To Do

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Then leave a comment below on your experience, thoughts or advise on the above ideas.

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Lee Hodgins, CPHR works with entrepreneurs, business owners & hiring managers to leverage the power of hiring interviews to dramatically boost their effectiveness and accuracy in finding the most qualified job candidates. More information is awaiting you online at www.guerrillainterviewing.com

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