Guerrilla Tactics & The Three Steps To Great Hiring Interviews

*Cough, Cough*…sorry…just choking on the smokey haze that’s settled in over our fair city from all the wildfires raging in British Columbia this last week. Like a wildfire, hiring interviews can seem overwhelming, ‘too hot to touch’ and out of control at times. This week’s topic is especially made for all employers and hiring managers who never seem to have the time to spend on properly preparing for their hiring interviews. Let’s get started on helping you all get the results you need!

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You can call these steps, tactics, hacks or shortcuts, but the bottom line is, they’re designed to help you get to the end result – A really good hire!

Step One:

Develop a list of 3-5 key results or outcomes for the role you’re hiring to. This can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. The important thing is to keep in mind what the end result should be for the role if it is successfully filled. As you write your key results list, keep asking yourself, “What will a successful person accomplish in this role at the end of the day”.

Step Two:

Now develop a list of 3-5 matching questions that you will ask each candidate you interview. These questions should be directly linked to each key result that you listed previously. For example: If a key result is to ‘have all project work completed by a certain date’, then the corresponding question might be, ‘Tell me about a time when you completed a project on time according to the project timeline’. When you ask this question of each candidate, make sure to allow them the opportunity to expand on how they achieved the outcome, according to the question. Repeat this process of questioning for each key result/outcome you’ve listed for the role. Do this same question process for ALL the candidates you interview for the position.

Step Three:

Develop a simple scoring grid, matrix or list, along with a measuring scale you can then review, rate and score for all the candidate interviews you did for the role. Once again, simple or complex: It’s up to you! I find a basic scoring matrix where I have the list of all interviewed candidates along the vertical axis, with the scoring criteria along the horizontal. Then, I allow for a simple scoring grade, say from 1-5 for each interviewed candidate for each criteria and then a total score. The bottom line is, this allows you to review, reflect and attach a consistent grading process to all your candidates. I also find it helpful to have this scoring tool available during the actual interviews and then do an initial grading immediately after each interview, while the details of candidate interactions are still fresh.

That’s it! A simple 3-step process for employers, hiring managers or small business owners who are on the go and need an efficient process for getting the best interview results possible. See you all next week!

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