Hiring Interviews: 2 Crucial Ingredients To An 80% Success Rate

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I’m often asked what the main priorities should be in developing successful hiring interview processes. To tell you the truth there are so many factors involved in a successful interviewing process, that I’m often torn to name just 1 or 2. But if pushed, I’d have to say the following 2 steps are critical to a successful hiring result. How do I define success, you might ask? Anecdotally, my experience shows that 8 out of 10 hires are able to perform to the standards of their role if these 2 factors are used to their full potential. This is compared to 20% – 35% success, using other forms of interview processes. Industry studies will back these numbers up as well. So, here are the 2 key ingredients I can’t live without when it comes to hiring:

Step #1 – Structured Interviews

Yes, I know! If you’ve been reading my blogs over the past year, this will seem like a stuck record or a repeating CD (Analogies for various demographics!).

But the fact remains, in order to even get close to an 80% hiring success rate, you MUST be prepared to be disciplined in your hiring methods. In this case, discipline begins with practicing structured interviewing techniques. For more info on this, check out my blog on the ‘Four P’s’ of Structured Interviews.

Without ALL FOUR of these components, an interview process is almost guaranteed to fail.

Step #2 – Strategically Using Behavioral Questioning Techniques

It’s also no secret that I absolutely love and support the use of properly researched and strategically chosen Behaviorally Descriptive questions. These types of questions not only get to the heart of whether or not your candidate can actually do the job you’re interviewing them for, but they are also tailor made to be used as part of a larger structured interviewing process. In other words, you cannot successfully practice behavioral questioning techniques without also using them within a structured interview process. So throw away those ‘quick-hit’ behavioral question lists that are floating around out there.

You will not do your interview process any justice if you simply cherry-pick a bunch of behavioral questions and try to use them in your hiring interviews! That’s not how behavioral questioning method works. As I’ve said before in previous blogs: ‘You can’t get great results if you don’t use a pre-defined list of well-researched, job specific questions for all of your interviews.’

In this case, I DO mean, Behavioral Questions!

This whole article reminds me, I need (and now will!), do a separate blog on deconstructing the anatomy of behavioral interviewing method. Stay tuned folks…

Now get back out there and keep winning!


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