Hiring Interviews: Get Focused, Then Get Results

**Why focus brings results**

Last week I asked this question to a small group of my online clients who were struggling to get started on a desperately needed hiring plan: “If you had 30 days to put max effort into your employee hiring what would you focus on?”

Where would you first put your effort?

The answers the clients provided were really…well..all over the darn place! Position advertising, job description creation, building an interview outline, creating an interview plan, finally finishing a review of what the actual hiring needs are, making your company as AMAZING as possible so people just come to you, making sure your final job offer is competitive, etc. 

In the end, we all agreed that each answer in itself was perfect…as long as it was the right one for their individual business. Most importantly, what came out of the discussion was an overall agreement among the group, that they all individually, just needed to start somewhere!

The point I want to make here:

It’s about FOCUS and EFFORT and not RESULTS.

Because results COME FROM focus and effort.

When you are laser-focused. When you have the right help and guidance. When you are super-motivated and avoiding all the distracting shiny red balls that’s where the magic happens. 

A couple of the biggest problems I see from folks who are struggling at being super successful in their hiring and can’t quite get there yet are:

  1. You don’t know WHEREto focus. Meaning, you try one thing for a week, then another. Quickly change your mind. Distracted by shiny red balls.

What is needed = A plan. Exactly where to focus. And accountability and guidance to help you get there.

That can be ALL the difference. 

  1. You are focusing on something…but it is the wrong thing. For example, you are focusing on just getting a ‘warm body’ in your door BUT you skipped the foundation and aren’t super clear on who (or more precisely what skills) you need to help grow/operate your business.

What is also needed = Tools to make sure you are focusing on the RIGHT things and someone to make sure you then do a plan and execute.

  1. You know where to focus…but don’t know what to do. Meaning, you know you should be focusing on creating an accurate and up-to-date job description or profile in preparation for your interviews but you are struggling. Or you know you need to focus on shortlisting that pile of resumes you’ve been getting from the job ad but you are struggling. 

What is needed = A plan on execution. Plus someone to help you and make sure you are on track. 

That can be ALL the difference. When in doubt, simply sit down and write out a brief plan of the steps you think you need to take in order to get the results you want. If you need help doing this, then get someone to help you craft your plan! This is often all that’s needed to get you focused and moving ahead!

Challenges like these (and many others) are why I’ve created concepts like ‘The Four ‘P’s Of Hiring Interviews and an easy 5 step document called, The Guerrilla Guide To Interviewing.

If you need more inspiration, watch some of my highly inspiring (said with a wink 😉 Vlogs here: Lee’s Highly Inspiring Vlog Collection!


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Lee Hodgins, CPHR works with entrepreneurs, business owners & hiring managers to leverage the power of hiring interviews to dramatically boost their effectiveness and accuracy in finding the most qualified job candidates. More information is awaiting you online at www.guerrillainterviewing.com

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