Hiring Interviews: Is there a best time?

I’m often asked by clients if there’s a best time/day/season, etc. to conduct hiring interviews. Over the years there have been tons of articles written and opinions offered on this popular subject, so let me just add my own two cents!

The short answer to this is: Whatever day/time/season or perfect timing you can dream of is right for you, then THAT is the the best time to interview…with some qualifications attached, of course! Let’s dig deeper. Watch my video below and then read on, oh you interviewers extraordinaire!


Remember the 4 P’s of results oriented hiring interviews? As long as you’re paying close attention to the 3rd P – Program, then you can do pretty much as you please when it comes to the time, day, season or timing of your interviews. Think about it: If you’re practicing good project management on your hiring and interviewing process, then you will know what times and timings will work best for you in scheduling your interviews.

It’s when you get sloppy with your planning that you will run into difficulty in making your interview scheduling work best for both you and the candidates you interview. For example, a common interview error is to schedule interview times without taking into consideration, potential conflicting events going on in the wider world, such as inadvertently putting an interview on a national holiday. You’d be surprised how often this happens! On the other hand, IF the best time you’ve determined from your interview planning happens to fall on a national holiday, then by all means DO that time! Just make sure you’ve got it planned out.

Here is some of the common mythology of when NOT to do interviews:

1- Never on a Friday afternoon. My answer to that is: what if this is the only time of the week that you can make this work? I say, go ahead…as long as you make a plan for it (3rd P thinking)!

2- Never on a weekend. Again…same answer from me: Make your plan and if the weekend is your ‘go-to’ time, then…Go. For. It!

3- Never late in the day. So what?? Maybe you have had a long day…the key here again is planning. If you know you’re only going to have time towards the end of your business day to do interviews, then work in a brief break before diving in. Or better yet, if at all possible, schedule time off immediately prior to going into the interview. Either way, you need to be prepared and motivated to do your interviewing.

4- What about holidays and long weekends? Does your business run on holidays and/or long weekends? Then do it when you do your business. Just do it with a plan! Nuff said…

If you haven’t caught my drift by now, let me say one last thing to make it crystal clear:

Make a plan. Know your plan. Stick to your plan! Your best time for interviewing exists on the pages of your plan. Even if it’s Friday/Late Day/Weekend/Merry Christmas/Happy Hanuka/Eid Mubarak or whenever you feel you can conduct your interviews the best!

Happy Interviewing!


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