Hiring Interviews: Your Best Three Options

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or hiring manager and you’re hiring and interviewing prospective employees for the first time or perhaps you feel you’re in need of help for the next time you need to hire, watch the video and read the article before you get started!

Hiring Interviews: Your Best Three Options

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had employers tell me they wished they knew how to do hiring interviews more effectively. It’s a thing called¬†Hirer’s Remorse! Well, I don’t know if it’s actually a ‘thing’ or not, but I do know I’ve seen a lot of employers who feel this way after they do hiring interviews!

That time when you go out and interview and then hire your first employee or you find you just can’t seem to do a good interview in the first place. Then you realize your hiring mistake, usually within the first month after the employee begins. Yah, that time… ūüėź

You know it’s a problem, when these things happen: They don’t seem to fit in; they have a hard time learning and/or doing the job they were hired for; they demonstrate strange or inappropriate behaviors in the workplace; your other employees or customers show signs that they don’t like them! It can be awkward and frustrating for everyone involved.

When it comes to hiring, the interview process is your final stop along the way towards actually making an offer of employment. It is THE critical step in your hiring process and the success of the hire depends on how well you do it.

How is it then, that employers and hiring managers many times, mess the interview part up?? I believe there are only 3 options when it comes to how you interview and which option you take, determines whether you succeed or fail in your hiring result.

  1. The‘Go It Alone’¬†approach: Another way of putting this is, just wing it. Put out an ad for a new employee and just do the interview without any plan, practice or backup resources to help you. This is usually the way most new employers or hiring managers do it. Why? Well, the vast majority of the time it’s because they don’t know any better. They’ve never done it before, or this is the way they’ve always done it, regardless of whether they’ve been successful at it or not!
  2. The¬†‘Hire A Pro’approach: This is actually a really good way to interview and hire. Find someone who knows what they’re doing. Usually an HR professional, A recruiter or another business owner/manager who has done it before. The catch here is – Whoever you hire, make sure they’re reputable and they not only say they have done interviewing and hiring before, but they are able to show they have been successful at doing it!

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  1. The¬†‘Educated DIY’er’approach: This is similar to the ‘Go It Alone’ approach with one HUGE difference – Before you do your interviewing and hiring, you get training and/or coaching from someone who knows what they’re doing, so you can do it yourself! This approach is often the best for small business owners and entrepreneurs because it not only saves you money in the long run, but puts the skill and power of doing your own interviewing and hiring back in your hot little hands! It’s like any other type of business skill: You can choose to outsource it or you can learn it yourself and then do it with the confidence that you’re doing it correctly and getting the desired results!

Whatever option you take when deciding how you’ll proceed with your hiring interviews, remember there are advantages and disadvantages to all these options. Which one works best for you depends on, well…you!

Good luck and happy interviewing!


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