How Do I Warm Up A Cold Interview Process? 3 Steps To Getting Back On Track

A perfect topic here in the middle of winter in Edmonton, Canada

One of my corporate clients has asked:

“How do I warm up a cold interview or hiring process?”

‘In a nutshell, let’s say you started a hiring/interview process for a position you need (one way or another). YAY. And then…you neglect or do not follow through on the process?’ ūüôĀ

You don’t do a good job of shortlisting the candidates, and your list of applications starts to go cold; they might have forgotten about their application, gone on to get other jobs or simply given up on you as a credible employer.

Is it too late?

Game over?

Or can the process get warmed back up? Or…is there a plan in place to avoid that from the start (or never let it happen again)?

That’s exactly what I’m diving into today¬†in this super-short-right-to-the-freakin-point blog post!

So, you started out with grand intentions. You developed a great job profile for the open position. You created an awesome set of behavioral and/or situational questions, linked directly to the skills and outcomes of the role. You even managed to market the position and gather a great pile of applications from some pretty exciting looking candidates.

Then…life happened…do-do-dooooo….cue the ominous music. Or in your case, maybe business happened!? Either way, you dropped your proverbial interview ball and things have gotten old to the point where it’s now ‘the elephant in the room’. You think you need this position, but you’ve let it go so long, you wonder if it’s even worth the effort and maybe you should just start all over.

Well, my dear business owner, have no fear!¬†There is one simple item¬†you need to get your hiring/interviewing process back on track and chugging towards the finish line. Let’s see what it is, shall we!?

The One Simple Item To Warming Up A Cold Interview Process

Whenever I can, I draw attention to my Four ‘P’s of Interviewing and for this item, I present to you the third ‘P’:¬†Program.

If at any point in your hiring process, you find you’re stalled or you’ve lost the plot, then the best thing you can do to get back on track is create a simple project-based outline of your hiring process. If you’ve never used project-based method in your work or business, it is simply this: Any known method for organizing and acting on an end goal/outcome. All you really need to know is three things to make a project out of your hiring/interviewing process. Once you have the ingredients for each of these items, the only thing left to do is put action to them! In the case where you’ve fallen off track, simply pick up where you left off (or more accurately, where you fell off!):

  1. The stepsyou need to take in order to reach your end result. In this case we can assume the end result is a successfully hired individual for your open role.¬†Outline the steps you need to complete in order to get the final hired candidate.¬†If you’re already halfway through the process and it’s simply been abandoned or neglected, then ask yourself, ‘How important is this hire to the business’? From there, simply re-clarify your priorities and decide where this hire fits…if it even fits at all. Then, make a list of steps it’s going to take to get this back on track and all the way to completion.
  2. The timeit will take to go through these steps. Put a timeline to these steps. If this means you have to go back and re-market your position to the job market, then by all means, do it! Just start your timeline from that point.
  3. The resources(people, money, materials, time…we’ve already mentioned time but worth repeating!) needed to make these steps happen.¬†Assign/delegate or otherwise DO these steps yourself!¬†Many entrepreneurs want to have their hand in every part of the business. So you have to ask yourself: Is wanting to be involved in the step-by-step of this project, actually necessary to the business? Or can I farm out pieces of it? Which pieces can I let go to someone else? What amount of time can I realistically devote to this project? This analysis will help you decide what resources you truly need.

Boom! Done.

If you’re really interested in this topic and want more information on project management methods and the types of techniques that might work best for you and your business, I recommend the following very short read:¬†

This is a short introduction to project methods. I don’t have any affiliation with this publication, their software or the authors, however this is a great introduction to project management. They also offer an ebook format. If you do read the book let me know if it helped you!

For more great ideas on interview planning, you can also check out my Vlog below from last summer on The Three Steps To Great Hiring Interviews:

Happy Project Managing!


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