Ignorance Is Bliss? 3 Reasons To Do Professional Style Hiring Interviews

Throughout all my years working in the field of Human Resources, I’ve come to know 2 truths when it comes to hiring:

  1. The employers who are inexperienced at hiring don’t believe (or haven’t even thought) they need the skills or help to do it.
  2. Once these employers go through a hiring process they come to realize (the vast majority of the time) it’s not so easy after all.

Of course, by then it’s too late and those same employers are left with the resulting mis-hire situation to clean up. This is a mistake which can be time consuming and costly. Hence the reason I do what I do!

So, in an effort to continue to ‘evangelize’ the good word of learning and conducting professional-style hiring interviews everywhere, please find the following 3 reasons you as a small business owner and/or entrepreneur, should be learning to do professional-style interviewing ASAP.

Reason #1

Unless you’ve actually taken the time and/or the training to learn how to hire & interview effectively, you’re essentially rolling the dice when it comes to whether or not you’re going to get the hiring result you need. In fact, you’re going to have better odds if you do just roll a pair of dice as a way of deciding which candidate you’re going to hire for a specific role. This is just a fact. The studies continually point towards unstructured, unplanned (and most importantly unskilled) interviewing as one of the most ineffective ways to hire for your organization.

Reason #2

You don’t know, what you don’t know. Most inexperienced hiring employers don’t even know they need the skills and/or help to do an effective hiring/interviewing process. It’s like we have a set of blinders on when it comes to bringing top people into our growing organizations. But let me ask you this question: Have you ever seen or heard of a bad DIY home renno project? Happens all the time right? Most of us know better. But when it comes to doing things ourselves, we tend to go all in, either one way or the other.

For those that choose to DIY, the learning curve can be huge and steep. Unfortunately, it’s usually the actual renno project results that show just how deficient we can be in our renno skills.

Same thing happens in hiring. Many employers think, ‘how hard can it be’ to find a good employee? Turns out, it’s a lot harder than we expect; and the resulting hire (or rather the mis-hire) is often testament to that and the employer is left trying to deal with a bad or mis-fit employee.

The Lesson: The ONLY 2 ways to do proper DIY hiring and interviewing, if you’re going to do it at all, is to either:

  • Get professional help.
  • Learn some basic skills so you can do it as effectively as possible.

Full stop. The end. Mic drop.

Reason #3

It just makes good business sense. A 2017 article by the Society For Human Resources Management is quoted as saying, ‘Organizations that lack a standardized interviewing process are five times more likely to make a bad hire than those that do have such a process…’.

For all you numbers people out there, this same article quotes upwards of $240,000.00 USD in resulting costs, for businesses who fail to hire effectively. Of course this number is relative to the individual business. However in a word, the cost can be ‘astronomical’ no matter how you measure it.

The bottom line (and yes, this is a bottom line issue!) is as a small business owner, entrepreneur or anyone who’s hiring as your organization grows, you probably cannot or do not want to afford the cost and the hassle of making a bad hiring interview decision. Like any DIY project, the trick is knowing ahead of time that you DO in fact, need help and/or skill development in doing effective interviewing in order to get the results you want. No one, least of all you, wants to see the mis-shaped, rough-cut results of a DIY hire gone bad.



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Lee Hodgins, CPHR works with entrepreneurs, business owners & hiring managers to leverage the power of hiring interviews to dramatically boost their effectiveness and accuracy in finding the most qualified job candidates. More information is awaiting you online at www.guerrillainterviewing.com

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