Interview Apnoea – The Silent Interview Killer & How To Stop It

If you’re an employer, business owner, recruiter or hiring manager and you’ve interviewed employees before you may be able to relate to this:

You’re at the end of a long day of employee interviewing;

You’ve seen any number of candidates to the point they’ve started to become one big blur of faces and names:

You’re tired and mentally drained and you just want it over with but you know you’ve got another long day of interviews still ahead;

You consider cancelling the rest of the scheduled interviews and just going with the candidates you’ve done so far – That’s how tired you are!

So many employers check out mentally before they’ve completed their interview process. I’ve seen it. The blank stares. The yawning. The boredom and restlessness. It’s a thing. I call it, ‘Interview Apnoea’: The tendency to suspend our interest in and stop actively engaging with your interviews, usually due to mental and/or physical fatigue combined with feelings of overwhelm and confusion brought on by a large number of, or intense experiences with, employee interviews. It can become a sadly perfect example of the old adage of ‘going through the motions.’


Hang in just a little longer. Your perfect candidate is just over the horizon, but you’ve got to get yourself over this interview hump first!

Here are 3 tactics to get you past the interview apnoea state:

1- Do A Personal Check-In. If you find yourself losing interest in the interview process and feeling like you’re checking out, just take a few minutes and stop to rememeber why you’re there in the first place. A quick review or recall of your overall objectives and reasons for doing this important work should help you to get your mind back in the game.

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2- Take a short break or rest. Get some fresh air. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. You get the idea. A brief change of activity or environment is often enough to re-energize your interviewing stamina.

3- Pace yourself! Related to number 2, this goes one step further than a simple break. It dates back to the original planning of your interview process, schedule and flow. Often times employers try to cram too many interviews into a small space of time. This is never a good idea. Obviously the needs of your business and the demands of the day will be at the forefront of your priorities, but remember your interviews are also business priorities! Treat them that way. Spread them out. Do fewer interviews per day. Take your time and schedule those badly needed breaks in between interviews.

Watch this week’s Vlog for more info on Interview Aponea:

Interview Apnoea And What To Do About It

Remember your business success depends in large part on the success of you hiring awesome employees, so treat this process like you would any other highly important business project. Until next time, Happy Interviewing!


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