A Proven, Practical Six-Step Business Transformation System That Will Help You Scale Your Thinking & Your Business To The Next Level

Stop Being Stuck in Place and Propel Your Business Forward With an Actionable Plan That WORKS

What to Expect

Would you like to take your established business to the next level? As business owners, our ambitions are often great – dreams that fuel and drive us. But somewhere along the way, these dreams are replaced with the day-to-day operations of running your business. There are small wins, sure, but I’m talking about groundbreaking advances that let you compete on a new level.


Are you feeling frustrated with a lack of real business growth? Are there new markets you’re thinking about, or new products you’d like to launch? Maybe you’re looking to build the next international 7-figure business, but you’re stuck right on the doorstep of success?

Then this training is for you: 


  • Learn the 6 Business Growth Transformation steps that are required to successfully scale your business. 
  • Understand the reasons behind common challenges that business owners face when trying to scale their business. 
  • Take the Business Owner Self-Assessment Questionnaire to identify areas where you can take action today to advance in your scaling journey. 
  • Receive an exclusive free gift only available to webinar participants.
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Meet Lee Hodgins

I’m a Canadian business coach who has travelled, lived and worked all over the world, including spending 5 years working overseas in the Middle East.

I’m an organizational design and business process excellence expert who has a slight obsession with business transformation. I love helping business owners unlock their personal and business potential, get in the mindset for success and achieve breakthroughs that change their business journeys forever! ​

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"I first met Lee when he was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at one of the most popular consumer companies in Canada. The company was growing from 250 to 500 employees in a couple years.

Lee was responsible for the entire hiring program. He was phenomenal at his job and excellent with all his employee relationships. When it comes to hiring employees, if you are looking for someone who has been there, done that, you have found the best."
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