Yes. It’s a Pandemic – Two Things Your Business Needs To Do Now!

As a small business person or entrepreneur, you’ve most certainly been feeling vulnerable and anxious during these wild and strange times. I want to help you through the current situation with 2 pieces of info I hope will be of value to you and your business:


  1. The first piece has to do directly with your hiring interviews: I know it may be the furthest thing from most people’s minds right now, but if you are one of the few employers who still need (or are hoping) to interview & hire someone at this time, please take a look at the video in this article for 3 tips to get you through this, given the tough circumstances presenting themselves to you right now. If you need help doing a remote hiring interview, hit this link and download the free Guerrilla Guide To Interviewing.

Check out the video here:

Pandemic Planning: Special Coronavirus Edition

  1. The second piece has to do with the survival of your business, project or venture during these difficult and uncertain times. What you do now to plan for all possible scenarios in terms of your business continuity may be crucial to the survival of your business! As a way of helping, I’ve got a a free pandemic preparedness plan & checklist that I can send you to get you on the right track and I’ll send it directly to your inbox if you email me at: The plan outlines 6 major areas of your business you need to be laser focused on RIGHT NOW, to make sure you get your business out the other side of this crisis in one piece! 


I quickly put this plan together based on my experience designing and directing the pandemic preparedness operations of a $100 million dollar manufacturing business during the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic. That plan helped our management team, our employees and our owners stay on track during that very difficult time!


Again, contact me directly for access to a copy of this plan and I’ll send it right over to your inbox, FOR FREE! This plan is only available through this email address!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and follow all the guidance & protocols of your local health services authorities. Let’s get through this together!


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