Your Number One Hiring Interview Tactic: People

Welp…last week’s article on the Four ‘P’s of Interviewing, certainly stirred up a bit of controversy! To that end, I’m serving up another heaping batch of Vlog goodness with this week’s topic of the ‘People‘ part of Guerrilla Interviewing tactics. I love it when we get differing points of view on a topic, because we can get right down to some basic Guerrilla Tactics for interviewing to get results. In the end, that’s what we’re all after, correct? – RESULTS!

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Last week I talked about what I call, ‘The Program’ part of the four ‘P’s in hiring interviews:

1- People –

2- Place –

3- Program –

4- Practice –

After some comments I’ve received on that article, I think it’s only right that we focus on the ‘People’ aspect of the 4 ‘P’s.

In an April, 2016 article in the Harvard Business Review, Iris Bohnet says,

“I don’t expect lotteries to replace interviews in most situations, but the evidence against unstructured interviews should make any hiring manager pause. These interviews should not be your evaluation tool of choice; they are fraught with bias and irrelevant information.”

What Bohnet is referring to when she mentions lotteries, is a study done between initially accepted and initially rejected medical school applicants at the University of Texas. This research found interview ratings to be very similar between the two groups, despite the fact that each group was very different in their objective entrance qualifications. Further digging revealed 3/4 of the student ratings were actually based on ‘interviewer perceptions’ during ‘unstructured interviews’, as opposed to objective measures such as grades. As a result of this finding, it was then suggested that final acceptance of medical student applicants could be done on a lottery basis, as opposed to the method of unstructured interviews then being employed, and still obtain very similar results.

The ramifications of this and many other studies on unstructured interviews, gives me pause to consider how extremely important it is that we have the ‘People’ part of our interview processes well in hand. By ‘People’ I’m referring of course, to the interviewers who manage and conduct hiring interviews.

In further reference to ‘interviewer bias’, I’d like to draw attention to a phenomenon that is present in any hiring interview process: ‘Confirmation Bias‘. Simply put, this is our tendency as interviewers to look for and/or favour characteristics, behaviours or qualities in a candidate that most closely resemble our own beliefs, values and behaviours. At first glance, this may not seem like a bad thing. We all want to relate well with the people we’re hiring. Unfortunately, hiring someone who thinks, acts and believes as we do, this isn’t necessarily the best match for the job we’re hiring for.

An article in the online Google forum, called reWork, talks about the most effective way to mitigate interviewer bias, through the use of structured interviewing methods. This includes the use of well-researched, standardized questions as well as a solid candidate feedback & scoring process. In short, nothing beats consistency and standardization, when it comes to finding the best candidates for any given interview process.

In the end, developing and sticking to a structured process for your interviewers as well as providing effective interview training for them, is key to getting the results you’re looking for when interviewing job candidates! See you all next week!


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