3 Ways To Keep Your Hiring Interview From Going Off The Rails

To Control or not to control? This is the question!

These 3 key tactics fuel basically every hiring interview you do, so time to pay close attention:

  1. Maintaining control of the interview with a consistent interview format. Self-explanatory. You decide….yay or nay…
  2. Staying in control of yourself and your venue. Do you allow distractions including your own state of mind, your reactions and/or biases or the environment around you to dictate how the interview unfolds? I hope not. 🙂
  3. Controlling the candidate. Sometimes the candidate themselves can become a disruptive or distracting force during the interview. Steer clear of idle chat if it isn’t part of your agenda. Avoid going down long rabbit holes of conversation that either don’t add value to the interview or even worse, may open you up to topics that are legally and ethically, dangerous to discuss.

Check out my video on the same subject below and have a great week ahead!

Three Ways To Keep Your Hiring Interview From Going Off The Rails



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