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Hello everyone and Summer greetings to you all! I hope your summer is going well and if you’re in a part of the world where there currently is no summer, then I hope you’re having awesome summer dreams!

Click on the video here for a visual synopsis of today’s blog and if you watch to the end, you’ll get to see some silly bloopers from my video-making last week. Have a laugh on me!

Let’s talk about what I call, ‘The Four P’s’ of Consistency in hiring interviews:

1- People – When you’re hiring for a specific position, job or role it’s very important to have a solid lineup of hiring interviewers. This includes the following general rules for ensuring the best interviewing and ultimately, the best hiring outcome:

  • Have more than one, but no more than three people conducting the interview. (That’s right…panel interviews DON’T WORK!) Too many cooks in the kitchen…you get the point.
  • Make sure, whoever is doing the interviews, is able to do ALL the interviews for that role. DO NOT substitute interviewers, if you can avoid it.

2- Place – An overlooked, but highly important aspect of good hiring interviews is choosing the right location and environment to conduct the interviews. As with the people aspect of interviewing, it’s very important to the consistency and integrity of the process not only to have a good venue, but to stick to the same venue through all of the interviews. Elements that make or break a good venue are also common sense such as, avoiding distracting noise, bad air quality & unnecessary interruptions. Making sure you have comfortable seating and venue accessibility are also important. This ensures all candidates are given the same treatment and therefore, the same opportunity to present themselves under the the best possible, similar conditions. It also helps to ensure the interview(s) are able to evaluate all candidates within the same environmental spectrum and influences; thereby leading to better consistency of the interview process!

3- Program – Treat each interview process like a project. Have a specific format, outline, documentation, timelines, interview questions and team. Stick to the plan! All interviews should run the same format, timing and order, thus ensuring the most consistent treatment of all candidates.

4- Practice – The first thing about practice is making sure ALL interviewers are trained and qualified to do the interview process. This means having any actual practice session and/or at the very least a briefing session as part of the overall interview process. Through practice, all the interviewers should then know the exact format of the interviews and their specific role. There’s nothing more stressful for both interviewers and candidates, than having interviewers lose their place, speak out of turn or ask random questions/create awkward conversation during an interview. Make sure ALL your interviewers are trained not only to deliver an effective interview, but also to behave in a professional, legal and courteous manner during the interview.

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